Yin Alchemy


Mondays @6:30-8pm
3rd Aug – 21st Sep (8-week course)

Take up space. Feel your body. Unapologetically explore yourself. Connect with other womxn. Be present in the movement. Surrender to the music.  

Through breath, movement, and music, we will journey through the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, dedicating 2 sessions to each element throughout the 8-week course.


Facilitated by Amber O’Brien and co-facilitated by Mardi Bell

Casual class: $15
Full term (8 weeks): $100




This course is structured to provide a safe, inclusive space for freedom of expression and co-creation for womxn of all shapes, ages, and lifestyles. Make it a space for ritual and intention, share your art, express your thoughts and feelings, or simply sit and soak it in. It can be a full-on spiritual experience, or just a place to meet new friends and loosen up your limbs. This is a space to be comfortable in your own skin, and to own your wants and needs.


Each session will begin with (optional) creation of an “altar” for anybody who feels compelled to bring items that would help them feel more comfortable and connected to the space. We will be guided through a grounding meditation, followed by music and movement tied to the element of focus for that week. The first two weeks will focus on Air (Intellect), followed by Fire (Spirit), and Water (Emotion), ending finally on Earth (Physical Body).


Throughout each session and the course of the 8 weeks, there will be frequent opportunities for reflection and sharing circle as a practise in holding space and empowering each other.


From facilitator Amber O’Brien:
My intention is to provide a place for womxn to come together and connect with each other and also with themselves. For me personally, music and movement is medicine. It helps me to process my feelings and understand my body. Having women around me who have supported me and simply just held space for has allowed me to grow and flourish in such a beautiful and special way. I think we need more places here on the central coast where we as womxn we can come together and just show up as we are no matter how that may be. My hope is that we build sacred bonds within our community and continue to thrive as a female collective.




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