Tribal Dance



Accompanied by live drummers, this dance class incorporates elements of hip-hop, contemporary, Latin, and West African dance. No experience necessary, suitable for all skill levels.

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This 6 week course, done with live drumming, will incorporate the best of hip-hop, contemporary, and elements of Latin and African tribal dance. The class will start with simple stretch and warm up movements, building into fun, flowing dance sequences and cool, edgy choreographies. Perfect for general fitness and having a good time. Live drummers will accompany the session to keep energy moving at all times.

No experience needed, suitable for all levels. Instructor Jessica incorporates her extensive training in flamenco and West African dance to break down the movements step-by-step, allowing for beginners to learn new motions and the more experienced to express their style through guided moves.

All bodies, genders, and abilities warmly welcomed and encouraged.