(Taiko Foundations) with Tim – MONDAY 5.30-6.45pm 
An introduction to Taiko, basic rhythms, form and movement.

(Art of Taiko) with Heath- WEDNESDAY 7.30-8.45pm. (No Casual Classes – Full Term Only)
This full term class will have a solid focus on form and technique with the addition of countable rhythms.

(Taiko Squad) with Luke & Ren – TUESDAY 6.30-7.45pm. (No Casual Classes – Full Term Only)
A fast paced master class, learning complex rhythm structures and movements.

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Taiko (literally “drums” in Japanese) came to Japan many centuries ago, when invaders from China arrived beating drums of war. The fighting ended, but the drums remained. Today, Taiko is known best as a festival drum played in carefully choreographed pieces that combine simple, dynamic rhythms with dramatic, theatrical movements derived from martial arts.

Here at The Rhythm Hut, we err on the side of fun. Come explore rhythm and composition in Taiko Foundations or master beautiful form in Art of Taiko. More advanced students are invited to join Taiko Squad, where form and rhythm are combined to create complicated, dynamic pieces.

* Taiko students require their own sticks – available through The Rhythm Hut for $25 per pair.