Zen Den at The Hut

Ethereal Misfits presents:
Wednesdays 7-8:30pm

The Zen Den sessions are a radical, mystical and totally chill weekly event held at the Rhythm Huts cosy and vibrant event space.
Josh and Lilly of Ethereal Misfits will guide us through some Presencing Meditation and gentle Yin Yoga to access our inner spacious realities and drop into our bodies as well as discuss a range of philosophical ideas.
This is also a great space for meeting other people in the community in a relaxed and open environment with interests in these topics and practises.
Bring a journal so we can make notes of things we learn , things we want to follow up on and self reflections.


Ethereal Misfits is both a business and a community service.

Family of 4

Joshua  – Lilly – Luna – Jupiter 

We truly believe in Curiosity and Presence in our lives as a way to stay open, happy, playful and abundant. Learning more each day to grow as a personality and spirit. living with integrity and understanding our shadow to create better awareness to serve ourselves and our community.

Staying free and fresh to explore the mind and the world with love and wonder. 

The ticketed classes, workshops and events that Lilly and Josh host are just one aspect of what Ethereal Misfits is about.

Interviewing people through facebook live stream from all over the world to open up authentic meaningful conversations that will make it to the ears of those that need to hear it.

Contributing back to the community in meaningful ways, giving many free hours to volunteer work, coaching for kids, nature play groups, local art and music community spaces  community gardens and sustainability events and fundraisers. 









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