Ethereal Misfits at The Hut


Ethereal Misfits joins up with The Rhythm Hut to bring conscious practices into everyday life.

Weeks 1 + 5 (5th Aug + 2nd Sep)
Presencing Meditation with Josh Coleman

Weeks 2 + 6 (12th Aug + 9th Sep)
Elemental Yoga with Lily Grace Rose


and more TBA soon

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Presencing Meditation with Josh

Presencing Meditation
with Josh Coleman

Weeks 1 + 5 (5th Aug + 2nd Sep)

What is Presence?

To be present is to be open, curious and fully in the sensation of being here now.

I’ve curated a technique for self realisation as an embodiment practice, feeling into the layers of self – from the material body, to the subtle vibrations, and ultimately into transcendental space

These layers are felt individually and collectively to experience a whole sense of self

These sessions will be a combination of teachings, sharing with each other, and guided meditation

Come and experience it for yourself!



Elemental yoga with lilly

Elemental Yoga
with Lilly Grace Rose
Weeks 2 + 6 (12th Aug + 9th Sep)

Elemental Yoga is a mixed style class
Vinyasa – Hatha – Yin

Through the class we will be working with the Alchemy of our inner and outer worlds utilising systems and symbols like Elements, Seasons, Archetypes, Meridians, Chakras and Planetary Energies.

Lilly Grace Rose is a bright new yoga teacher and young mother studying herbal Alchemy, who loves playing in the mystic realms, deepening connection with the earth and exploring the depths of our hearts.

The class also incorporates less conventional yoga music that is aimed to aid in the energy and flow of the class, shifting the way we interact with the space and the mind.

~ Bring your own mat
~ $25



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