TUESDAY 8.00 – 9.15pm
Djembe is traditionally played in a community setting – we bring all experience levels into one mega community class to get a strong West African drumming spirit going. All skill levels are catered to, from beginner to master.

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Our Djembe class is a joyful community drumming experience, combining players of various skill levels. If you don’t have your own drum, you are welcome to use one of The Rhythm Hut’s many Djembe drums. 

Over the term we will develop a piece to perform at our student spectacular, KaBoom. We will learn and practice the most important rhythms and the basic range of djembe sounds: tone, slap, and bass.  From there, we will put together compositions reminiscent of songs traditionally played in West Africa, layering a foundation of basic beats with more complex rhythms for any students keen to tackle them.

Teacher Luke Fabila from The Rhythm Hunters leads players of all skill levels, from experts to students who have never played. This is an excellent class for anybody interested in joining the many recreational drum circles popping up around Sydney and the Central Coast.


About Luke Fabila: Luke has been teaching Djembe and Taiko in schools and at The Hut since 2013. He enjoys challenging his students, teaching rhythms with serious groove and potential to develop musical skills and Djembe technique.