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The Yin Alchemy Series consists of 7 different workshops run by womxn for womxn. The intention is to create a space for womxn to explore, express, and connect through various mediums.

Sonic Alchemy
Dreamweaving In Motion

Where do you learn to grow?

Take a trip down memory lane Return to a place where your soul feels free and safe, to dream and turn inspiration into intention. To unfurl the depths of your heart, while authentically connecting with likeminded expansive souls.

Coming together to burn away fears and shame around being our full authentic souls in human expression, safe to express our full earthen integrity.

Find your edges and inner strength as we move through elemental wisdom from gaia’s magnetic core, to dream weave in motion.

Allowing the free flow of your inner flame to ignite internal and external communication in all forms. Sing your souls song


About The Facilitator

Frankie is an intuitive performer, healer, water bearer and sonic alchemist.
“She sees emotional experience and alchemizes the intangible into the tangible”

After healing herself of Crohns disease, Frankie has assisted many in the integration of emotion within their bodies as a form of artistic healing, through storytelling, awareness and concentrated intention, the unique set of techniques Frankie applies can be accessed and assist in all areas of life.
Holding a somatic approach to perception, Frankie’s magnetic presence captivates and inspires wherever life takes her.

With over 25 years of audience engagement, performing arts and artistic expression experience, Frankie Stone, personifies the very essence of what it means to be an emotional human in motion.


Due to Covid-19 we ask that you do not attend if you are feeling un well or suffering from any symptoms. We also ask that you bring your own water bottle + yoga mat + blanket + pillow (anything that’s needed) also to adhere to social distancing requirements meaning there is a 20 person capacity in the space.

With Love,
The Rhythm Hut