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Because Netflix and chill is getting old.
Rhythm & Chill is a free livestream concert series featuring all of our favourite artists that have played here at The Rhythm Hut. Tune in every Friday on The Rhythm Hut Facebook page for a livestream straight from the artists to you.
Treat it like a concert! Get dressed up! Regret the number of layers you chose to wear! Get some drinks! Spill them! Flirt with people in the comment section! Chat with the artists in the live comments! Lay awake all night wondering why you were so awkward! Dance like nobody is watching! Because unless your weirdo neighbour has binoculars, they’re not!

Watch on our Facebook @7:30pm Friday

Show some love to the artists with a donation: https://therhythmhut.com.au/rhythmandchill/


WEEK 2: Fri 1st May
Sid berry makes music live before your eyes by the art of live looping. He brings a positive vibe to every venue he plays in!

Kiki & Dom met 5 years ago at a gig at the Rhythm Hut (back when that kinda thing was allowed).
They teamed up musically a year ago to bring their original music to life.
Now unemployed and living in a room in the middle of Sydney together, they’ve come to take a break from the city and get back to where it all began.
Thanks to the Hut for having us! We hope the community enjoys our streamed concert.
Instagram: @d0mdiaz