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Come & Experience the Blissful Benefits of Dru Yoga

2nd Thursday of the Month @ The Rhythm Hut

Hosted by Tereza Johnson Counselling and The Rhythm Hut, Dru Yoga’s blissful health offerings are beneficial for people of all abilities, fitness levels & age groups.

Dru Yoga’s foundations remain in ancient traditions – gentle yet powerful, using mudra, breath, asana & affirmations and Energy Block Release sequences which work to dissolve areas of tight or blocked energy in your physical, mental, emotional and subtle bodies, or koshas.

Energy blockages lead to disease, pain and stress – the Energy Block Release sequences effectively combine specific, almost effortless movements, breathing patterns, hand gestures and visualisations to help release our blocked energies.

Dru Yoga Benefits

  • improves flexibility & strength
  • increases core stability
  • improves wellbeing and resilience to stress
  • builds a heightened feeling of positivity
  • higher energy levels
  • deep states of relaxation
  • relieves back pain
  • increases performance under stress
  • boosts confidence and emotional wellbeing
  • effective tool to aid in the recovery of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Finishing with a Dru style Deep Relaxation, balancing your chakras (energy centres of your body), you will float home feeling peaceful, balanced and renewed.


$25 or $20 Concession per class

Payment by cash or card at event.

Enquiries to:

The Rhythm Hut: 02 43225971  or hello@therhythmhut.com.au

Tereza Johnson Counselling: 0410 938 850


Dru comes from the Sanskrit word Dhruva, meaning the stillness that enables us to remain inwardly calm and centred despite anything that may be happening around us. Be the calm within the storm.


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