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1st Thursday of the month, 7.00-8.30pm
Limited spaces

The healing power of sound has long been revered for its ability to re-tune our bodies and minds. When we become unbalanced, we find the effects in every aspect of our life; physical, spiritual, and emotional. By using the capacity of vibration and music to realign our innermost selves, we can move forward with a new sense of direction and clarity.

In this sound healing, we will journey for an hour and a half to the vibrations of didgeridoo, Native American flute, medicine drum, hand pan, and other instruments. Participants will be guided into a meditative state in which they will be lying down, so as to facilitate deep relaxation and total openness. Musical healers Ian and Leo will bathe your soul in beautiful healing vibrations in a warm, safe atmosphere.

Please wear comfortable clothes. Please bring your own yoga mat, pillow, and blanket so that you may enjoy this journey in total comfort.