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Belly Dance is BACK at the Hut!

2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the Hut

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Belly dance is a whole body work out, disguised with laughter and giggles so bring your posse and let off some steam with us at The Rhythm Hut.

Benefits of Belly Dance

  • Improved muscle control and posture
  • Improved flexibility
  • Self confidence
  • Increase energy levels & stamina
  • Stress relief
  • Creative expression
  • Builds community

No matter what your reason for dancing is, it’s perfect for people of all ages, fitness levels and personalities.

Dare to smile. Find your tribe. Move your body.


Tahira is one of Australia’s most beloved belly dancers and after laying eyes on her entrancing dance style, you will know why. She captivates her audiences with her energetic personality while showcasing a unique fusion of modern and classical techniques.

Tahira was born with a love for music and dance, feeling her calling to belly dancing at the age of nine. The now in-demand dancer spent years honing her skills under the best dancers in the country. She then set her sights further and travelled as far as Egypt to ensure she was trained to an extraordinary standard.

Tahira has created a dynamic and distinctive style throughout her professional career, which is only heightened by her special flair for entertaining. Her eye-catching costumes and immersive performances have been showcased at Burning Man, Burning Seed, Secret Garden and many more.

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