clthes swap

Did you know the average person throws away approximately 30 kilograms of clothing per year?!
Clothing and household textiles currently make up 5.2% of waste in landfills.
Australians currently spend $5.1 billion per year on fashion…
Seem like a waste to you? It does to us too! So let’s recycle our unwanted clothes!

Join The Hut community as we pool together to reduce, reuse and recycle our unwanted clothes!

WHAT: The Rhythm Hut Clothes Swap Party
WHERE: The Rhythm Hut, 135 Faunce St, Gosford
WHEN: Wed 7th October, 6.30pm
COST: $5 per person payable on the door. Free chai provided!
BRING: Clean clothes in good condition! Please ensure no stains, rips, dirty marks etc. Limit of 6 items per person. All left over clothing will be taken to The Salvation Army in Gosford
RULES: Please only bring a max of 6 items of clothing per person. This prevents The Rhythm Hut being overrun with unwanted clothing that we must dispose of. You may take up to 6 items of clothing home with you. If there are left overs when everyone is done, you may take as much as you like

See you there!

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