Art Of Taiko (Intermediate)2019-01-24T14:47:48+10:00

Wednesday 7.00-8.15pm, downstairs

Art of Taiko (formally Taiko 2) assumes knowledge of stance, grip, form, rhythms and terminology. Here we build on the basics of Taiko Foundations whilst incorporating more challenging rhythms and choreography in a faster moving learning environment.

The focus of this class is two-fold: form and rhythm. One teacher leads the class in new rhythms while the other works with students on improving their form.

Heath will be teaching form. Heath has over eight years experience in Taiko, having fallen in love back in 2010. The physical aspect of Taiko complemented his ongoing martial arts training, making him a top pick for Rhythm Hut performances.

Heath was asked to teach in 2014 and has been teaching ever since. He loves passing on the skills and rhythms that he had learned as a student.

Kristen will be teaching the rhythmic portion of the class. Since picking up Taiko in 2013, she has performed various pieces for a wide range of audiences, including a stadium packed with forty thousand people.

Heath welcomes both new and experience students.
Students without previous taiko experience are advised to enrol in Taiko Foundations before undertaking this class. Students with other musical backgrounds may enquire as to their suitability for Art Taiko.

Full Term (8 Weeks): Adults $195/Concession $135 [enrol below]

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