Monday 5.30-6.30pm, upstairs

The traditional instrument of our very own Aboriginal people, played ceremonially for tens of thousands of years. Now in contemporary times, is used in all types of music, as well as recreationally as a healing instrument.

In this 6 week beginner course, you can learn the fundamentals of this fascinating piece of (termite hollowed) eucalyptus tree: the basic drone, the various animal calls, many special effects and sounds, and of course the all important ‘Circular Breathing’ technique.

If you already play, we can work on improving your technique, your sharpness of sound, your array of rhythms and beats, and advanced breathing techniques.

Full Term (6Weeks): Adult $145/Concession $110

Casual Class: Adult $25/Concession $18

For more information, contact the Classes Team via email, hello@therhythmhut.com.au or call 43 22 5971

About Ian:

Ian taughtIan nice pic beginners & advanced levels of Didgeridoo in The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany for many years before returning to Australia in 2004. Connected with The Rhythm Hut since 2005, he has played with Rhythm Hunters and also in The 5 Lands Band.

Ian has a true passion for this unique instrument & a deep respect for it’s origin from our own Aboriginal people. He absolutely loves teaching and using the Didgeridoo as an instrument for Sound Healing. Ian’s Didge classes are very informative, relaxed and fun.

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The Rhythm Hut is a not-for-profit community space; as such we do not issue refunds or credit on missed classes. Your payments help us keep this beautiful space running.