Keeping the World in a Rhythm

by Indra Prawira Nanda Mokodongan What comes into your mind when you are thinking about Australian Indonesian Youth Exchange Program's (AIYEP) work

Keeping the World in a Rhythm2017-12-19T23:42:18+10:00

So What Is Mindfulness Anyway?

You’ve probably heard the term and you might have the gist… but what really is the benefit of mindfulness? Where did it

So What Is Mindfulness Anyway?2019-04-16T15:26:15+10:00


Talking about Mental Health   Luka Osborne Mental health is an issue often dealt with but not as often talked about. According

THE IMPORTANCE OF MENTAL HEALTH2017-05-18T13:05:16+10:00

Do yourself a favour…

One of the drumming teachers asked the audience at a recent student performance night "Hands up those whose life has been changed

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From Mundane to KaBOOM!

From the first lesson on we were hooked... So I have been asked to do a write-up about the Rhythm Hut, where

From Mundane to KaBOOM!2016-11-14T16:11:03+10:00

Long Live The Rhythm Hut

I am in love with The Rhythm Hut.  I spend almost every spare minute there, either doing djembe and taiko classes with

Long Live The Rhythm Hut2016-08-10T15:03:34+10:00

Music VS Mental Health

This article is going to be a bit different, a little more personal. Depression effects 1 in 6 people Anxiety effects 1

Music VS Mental Health2016-03-22T12:38:02+10:00