Sunday night I had the privilege of bringing my mother to the 5 lands experience. Her name is Elaine, but we call

TWO EZY THUMBS UP2012-05-30T12:59:19+10:00


Wow! Well what a weekend we had here at the Rhythm Hut. The delicious sounds of Dave Stringer on Friday and Chaika

WHAT A WEEKEND!!2012-03-27T20:38:22+10:00

Classes start with a bang!

  As you can see, Classes at the Rhythm Hut started back up this past week, and man, they sound awesome!  Taiko

Classes start with a bang!2012-02-13T17:39:35+10:00

Free open nights for all to enjoy

The Rhythm Hut is currently under construction (actually, we're just repainting the bathrooms and putting a new door on the ladies room--

Free open nights for all to enjoy2012-01-03T18:43:21+10:00

Kaboom Review

I can, without a doubt, say that this term's Kaboom was seriously impressive, and the best we've had yet. I am constantly

Kaboom Review2011-07-06T15:42:10+10:00

Change your life in 5 weeks!

Well, alright, it might be a bit of an overstatement to say that coming to the Rhythm Hut changes peoples lives (especially

Change your life in 5 weeks!2011-06-15T20:20:11+10:00


Term 211 has started, and we're having HEAPS of fun!  For your perusal, we've recorded a few of the rhythms from class