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From Mundane to KaBOOM!

From the first lesson on we were hooked... So I have been asked to do a write-up about the Rhythm Hut, where

From Mundane to KaBOOM!2016-11-14T16:11:03+10:00

Check Out Our Holiday Program

We're on a short break from drumming classes during the term break.  We'll be back for Term 4 on Monday 17th October,

Check Out Our Holiday Program2016-09-27T12:13:38+10:00

Long Live The Rhythm Hut

I am in love with The Rhythm Hut.  I spend almost every spare minute there, either doing djembe and taiko classes with

Long Live The Rhythm Hut2016-08-10T15:03:34+10:00

Music VS Mental Health

This article is going to be a bit different, a little more personal. Depression effects 1 in 6 people Anxiety effects 1

Music VS Mental Health2016-03-22T12:38:02+10:00

Drumming To A Healthy Rhythm

There is something so very human about drumming… A tribal urge that transcends a belonging…not only belonging to a larger community, but

Drumming To A Healthy Rhythm2016-03-15T12:54:33+10:00