If you were unfortunate to see a recent TV news report about the NSW Government’s mystifying policy that fervently discourages live music and dancing in Sydney venues, rest assured that it’s business as usual in downtown Gosford’s Rhythm Hut.

Why would anyone discourage music and dancing when they’re not only a shortcut to happiness, but great for your health on all levels.

Here’s a few significant benefits from ‘Step To Health’:

Natural Mood Enhancer

  • Dancing enables you to clear your mind of problems and just concentrate on having fun. Your brain releases dopamine which relaxes you and gives you feelings of happiness, and adrenaline which gives energy to your body.
  • Want to start your day off on a happy note? Turn up a song you like and dance your cares away in the morning before seizing the day.

danceMake New Friends

  • Dancing also improves your social relationships and helps you make friends.
  • If you’re having problems with a friend or partner, invite them to go dancing. You’ll see that while it relaxes and connects you, it will also make it easier to resolve your conflict.

Great for Heart Health & Posture

  • Cardiovascular health is enhanced by dancing because it helps to purify your body of toxins in your bloodstream that can affect heart health.
  • Your heart rate also elevates which helps blood circulate better throughout your body.
  • Dance even improves your posture by strengthening your muscles and bones but best of all, you have a heap of fun doing it.

Do Fun Deprived Policy Makers Need To Get Out More?

If policy makers struggle to connect to their own sense of fun (our 7th sense) and subconsciously inflict their inner doldrums onto fun-loving communities, they really need to get out of the house more.

And are they aware of the negative impact their fun-crushing policies are having on the livelihoods of musicians who not only bring unity to community at live shows, but also earn part of their living from their efforts. Killing off live music venues is also turning Sydney into the world’s most boring capital city so let’s hope the policy makers return to the drawing board asap.

Drugs & Music

Sure there’s a problem with risk-taking adolescents playing Russian Roulette with their lives by ingesting stupid amounts of drugs at festivals or consuming way too much alcohol at venues that should stop serving inebriated idiots when they have quite clearly consumed enough. But it’s unfair to condemn all music and dance lovers as ‘druggies.’ There’s plenty of us who get a natural high from music and dancing and who also know how to enjoy a social drink – or not.

Perhaps it’s time for the education system to overhaul it’s drug education policies and incorporate school visits from former drug addicts to tell it like it is. It ain’t pretty when drugs – both legal and illicit – take control and trigger a descent to hell. Not everybody makes it back alive or intact enough to build a new, healthier and happier life.

From a spiritual and creative perspective, depriving communities of live music and dancing also results in ‘Strangled Spirit Syndrome’ which adversely impacts the collective psyche as we are now witnesssing in NSW. Preventable side-effects include apathy, pessimism, higher risk of anxiety and depression and boring old fart syndrome.

How sad to learn that many younger people ‘can’t be bothered’ going out anymore because it’s ‘all too hard’.

Antidote to the NSW Fun Crackdown – Live Music @ The Rhythm Hut

Sunday 1 December

Idly By + Knifey Spoony + Dead Showws + Taste Tour

Set your phasers to party and punk influences when Idly By rock into Gosford

Tickets $10 – Book Online or Pay at Door


Saturday 7 December

Drop Legs + Mana Lion

Drop Everything & Dance Like Crazy!

Tickets $10 – Book Online or Pay at Door


Sunday 8 December

Open Mic

Calling all Musicians, Singers, Songwriters, Poets, Comedians, Magicians & Storytellers 

Registration from 6pm – Entry by Donation


Friday 13 December

Kenta Hayashi – Guitarist & Loop Pedal Ninja

A fusion of psychedelic dubbed out journeys & overtone harmonies on a rhythmic foundation

Tickets $25 – Book Online or $30 Door


Saturday 14 December

Internationally acclaimed OKA & CHAIKA bands

Hut Christmas Party & Last Gig For 2019

Tickets $30 – Book Online


Inquiries: music@therhythmhut.com.au

1 December 2019