In this ‘Free Music’ internet era, ‘streaming moguls’ cash in 24/7 on the artistry of dedicated musicians who deserve a way healthier share of the lucrative pie. So let’s celebrate our unsung musical treasures by buying more of their albums like the good old days when making a living from music wasn’t anywhere near as challenging.

Stuck for ideas? Check out our list of 2019 Rhythm Hut artists and click on a link to musical brilliance.

Or a magnificent new book by an iconic, award-winning Australian photographer that’s so hot off the press, its pages are still warm: “The Music Photography of Wendy McDougall: It’s only rock ‘n roll but I like it.”

And keep the love coming in 2020 by buying tickets to a live music show – wherever you live!

Merry Christmas & and an extra happy New Year from the Rhythm Hut cast and crew!


ren stoneRen Stone



James Bennett

Shaun Kirk

Drop Legs



Jeff Lang

Kim Churchill

Archie Roach

Nathan Cavaleri

Crooked Fiddle

Image by Annalise Batista from PixabayMolly Millington

The Dreggs

Z Star Trinity

Kenta Hayashi

Bobby Alu

Idly By

Tijuana Cartel

Declan Kelly

Ash Grunwald

Wendy McDougallDean Haitani

Daniel Champagne

Claude Hay

Mark Wilkinson

Sun Salute


The Music Photography of Wendy McDougallIt’s Only Rock ‘n Roll but I like It

Did you know that there are millions of kids the world over who have never experienced the ecstasy of listening to an entire album before, and think that free music is made by magic? (It kinda is, but even magicians have to eat.)