To my dearest Rhythm Hut community,
I’m so grateful you are here to celebrate the Hut’s 5th birthday. The Rhythm Hut is an ongoing experiment in art, in community, in life and human nature; there are no manuals, rhythm huts or venues that operate like this. So we fumble our way making up the rules as we go… haha and often times letting go of the rules as we go.

I believe we are blessed to have this little gem here in Gosford. It offers a place to go, a place to belong, somewhere to contribute and be part of something far reaching that has so many positive impacts on individuals.

I’m writing from Canada Rendraand its no surprise that all my connections, beds and friends that look after me so well are from long term rhythm hut connections, and I could do this all over the world due to the goodwill the rhythm hut has given our volunteers over the years. It’s a side to the hut that our local community does not know so much about and is crucial to us; because these people that live in the hut form 90% of our volunteer energy without which we could never survive. The residents and travellers that come here are an essential part of the hut.

With this knowing I encourage you to be-friend and thank these wonderful people that grace the space. I’d love it if all volunteers could put their hands up and we can make some noise for this crew. My eternal thanks to you all, past and present.

I’d also like to thank the backbone, including management, the numerous coordinators, the huts board members, the teachers, workshop leaders, interns, drum circle facilitators, artists, healers, the students and even the air b n b guests. I cannot possibly mention all contributors. It’s a long chain of people, some knowingly and some unknowingly helping to make this place continue to thrive…

To you all here tonight please remember there is always room for more contributors and if you want to be involved: to run a workshop, teach a class, clean some toilets, volunteer on the bar etc. All you need to do is ask. It is a very fulfilling way to be involved in the space.

Finally I want to acknowledge the community, you guys here tonight. Without you we are an empty shell. I left the hut about 1 year ago for personal reasons. What it has shown me is not only has the hut become something much greater than any individual but that more people care about it than I could have imagined. Caring happens in big and small ways. You are caring by coming to events, enjoying the sound healings, giving time, sharing facebook posts, donating money, rocking the drum circles, and cooking for events — please be assured if you are here tonight you are part of this dream that lives in many hearts.

If there is someone next to you you don’t know, please introduce yourself… that feeling of belonging is community and we are community building. A community creates a culture and we wish to create an inclusive free thinking culture where we can encourage people to be and find themselves. It matters not where you come from or where you are going you are welcome here at the Rhythm Hut as are your friends. And as you have now been here before please make all new people feel welcome  It’s a cycle that makes this space special.

From the bottom of my heart I need to say that beyond measure I am grateful that The Hut is still alive and I still have a home to return to, as do so many others. And that is because of YOU.

Finally, I hope you’re having a beautiful night and I hope to see you in the not too far off future.

Love, Rendra