22052675_1881884948493901_1746628812_nWow, wow, wow and wow is what comes to mind with my music experiences at the Rhythm Hut in Gosford. I thank the teachers there, and love the wonderful happy community spirit. We feel safe, content and alive amongst these vibrant people.

Thomas (my 13yr old son) has a blaaaast at the weekly djembe classes with Master Max Young. What an incredible talented teacher; Funny, patient, informative and makes our learning experience enjoyable. We are a mum and son team, who head home feeling alive and energised each week. Max has been a fabulous mentor for my son and I am extremely grateful. He has also showed Thomas a musical experience on the dun duns (African bass drums) drums too. He’s encouraged Thomas to be himself and feel the beat – to just “let rip” in feeling the rhythm. I’m blown away seeing my son’s talent and thoroughly enjoy watching him being free from life’s anxieties. Thomas and I are respected here and we enjoy everyone’s company.

22278914_1891318097550586_1901865757_oBuying a djembe from the Rhythm Hut was another good decision – so many to choose from! Thomas is constantly tapping beats. We both have more energy, less stress and Thomas can focus better at school. Who needs fidgit spinners when you can have drumming?! Why have sensory overload when you can tap out a good beat to feel energised and freeeeeeee!

I too suffered a lower back and neck injury. The gentle vibrations from djembe drumming has relaxed my muscle tension. I have gained strength, developed more confidence and love being a part of the Rhythm Hut events. I am now a volunteer in support of this fantastic facility.

My son would like to tell every teen to get off the couch and come along to join in with him “having fun, beating drums”.

Thanking you my Rhythm Hut friends!
Lesa and Thomas Bateman