One of the drumming teachers asked the audience at a recent student performance night “Hands up those whose life has been changed by The Rhythm Hut” and I was astonished at the number of hands raised in response.  This amazing place transforms people in wonderful and sometimes spectacular ways.  Led and inspired by The Hut’s founder Rendra Freestone and manager Lou Sawilejskji the dedicated staff and volunteers work together to create a welcoming place of learning, entertainment, friendship and community.

Trish Mac[1]I started classes at The Hut after several major events in my life left me searching for a new direction, renewed passion and just plain fun!  The Rhythm Hut ticked all those boxes and as I immersed myself in the drumming classes and found my rhythm I became one of the many who had agreed The Hut had changed their lives.  Studies have proven that drumming is great for physical and mental wellbeing, enhanced brain function, self confidence, creativity and lots more.

But The Hut offers much more than drumming, with classes in ukulele, didgeridoo, voice coaching, dance and heaps more.  Then there’s the entertainment, with regular gigs showcasing great bands and solo artists from around the country.  And The Hut is also available for hire for private parties and celebrations.

All this taking place in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with cushions and lounges (for lounging!), yummy home cooked food and smiling friendly faces that make it all feel just like home.  This is a place for fun lovers of all ages, for musicians and students, for families and singles, for professionals and wanderers, for thinkers and dreamers.  Or to put it more simply, it’s for everyone!

The fact that you are still reading this blog probably means you are intrigued by the idea of something you have read here, so do yourself a favour and try it out.  Check out one of the open nights held before each term and try out what the classes have to offer, or come to a gig and soak in the atmosphere.   But get ready, because the charm of The Hut will envelope you like a warm hug and there’s a good chance it will change your life too!

~ Trish Maclean