Over the weekend, I had the pleasure to be asked to present a workshop on ‘The Power of Music for Building Our Community’, at the Musicians Making a Difference and The Lounge Room’s Access All Areas Conference.

What is The Lounge Room I hear you say?
The Lounge Room is a creative home for our community in Gosford. It exists to create a space of community, culture and belonging on the Central Coast, while supporting the life-changing work of Musicians Making a Difference. I strongly recommend you check out MMAD and The Lounge Room, the work they do in our community, and also the incredible classes, workshops and events they run.

Thanks to Sandy Bigara mmadaaa17 20170128 Session three(Our vocal coaching teacher here at The Hut, local artist, community leader and Star Viking), for snapping some pics of the workshop, live tweeting and taking these notes below. You can check out her blog HERE.

Here’s a brief run down of the workshop – which was more a casual, open discussion directed by myself. Huge thanks to Will and Dom for putting on a great day/night, and for all those that attended.

The Power of Music (and the Arts) for building our community:
Louise Sawilejskij GM of The Rhythm Hut in Gosford.

Dictionary Reference: Community: A social unit of any size that shares common values #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Culturally -> Acknowledging original owners of the land. All music genres. #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Diversity -> All types of people. Make sure that all people feel welcome. Change the perception. #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Communication -> All types of people. Remember to accept all personality types, be able to reach out. #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Accessibility -> be accessible to helpers, let people assist you in reaching your goals. Team work is key. #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Inclusivity: Open -> Listen to your inner voice. Be open to change. Flexibility is good! #ThePowerOfMusic #mmadaaa17

Artists in a community have a really beautiful way of getting behind one another, and connecting opportunities. #mmadaaa17

Connection: Community is built on connection! “The opposite of Addiction is Connection” #mmadaaa17

Connection: Human connection – we need human interaction, group settings, music classes etc. #mmadaaa17

Connection: Challenge: Find ways to build connection in your community. #mmadaaa17

Collaborate: Opens your community – leads to new ventures and adventures! #mmadaaa17

Collaborate: Double your powers – Double exposure – Do awesome stuff! Fuels and challenges creativity #mmadaaa17

Collaborate: @RhythmHut and The Lounge Room Gosford collaborate and this equals great things in #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

Meet Up: Go to every event, #Music #ArtExhibition #BookLaunches #FilmScreening #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

Meet Up: Networking -> Line up meetings -> Formal or Informal -> Keep hustling #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

Meet Up: Talk to Strangers #NoStrangerDanger #Networking #Opportunities to Connect. #Gosford! #mmadaaa17

#1RULE – Don’t forget the LOVE! #Arts #Opportunities to Connect. #Gosford! #mmadaaa17