I am in love with The Rhythm Hut.  I spend almost every spare minute there, either doing djembe and taiko classes with my son, or being a timekeeper for my wife’s (Eileen) taiko class. Eileen and I also started

IMG_20160809_212923_BURST001_COVERdoing the vocal coaching classes together two terms ago.  The Rhythm Hut for myself and my family is an all embracing community where young, old ofdifferent cultures can meet and share music and ideas. The thing I like most about it is my 23-year-old son Tony and I get to bond over a djembe or taiko drum where we can work out our competitiveness in a loving environment.  Tony and I have been drumming at The Hut for about eight years now and my wife joined classes this year.  Our special family saying is, “The family that drums together stays together”, and the Hut has made this possible.  It has a great community feel and everyone is so welcoming.  It has been amazing to watch the metamorphosis of The Hut’s present location, from a derelict building into a stunning venue for classes, music events and parties. I would not hesitate to recommend the Hut to anyone looking for classes in drumming, didgeridoo, ukulele, vocal coaching, dance, hooping, and meditation. Sorry if I have missed anything, but the Hut has so much variety to offer. Long live The Rhythm Hut.

(Eileen helped me with this.)