This article is going to be a bit different, a little more personal.

Depression effects 1 in 6 people Anxiety effects 1 in 4 I, alike many, have fallen victim to the harsh realities and heavy weight of these conditions. The brain is a fascinating thing, we live, love and laugh. We control, care and cry. Sometimes too much, sometimes it becomes all too much. I will never forget these wise words of comfort, ‘When the mind is overcome with music, the troubles crumble away. It is impossible to give 100% to your music if your mind is held captive’. This got me thinking, a lot.

I love music, I love to sing more than I can explain, I may not sound any good but the feeling that comes over me is like no other. I started to think about how I have songs that can make me feel so anxious and worried and bring up horrible memories, yet many make me overwhelmingly happy and I simply cannot hide my cheesy grin and help but to belt out the lyrics like second nature. Corny I know, but true.

Music is a powerful cure, music is medicine, music is the key to the heart and soul. My favourite style of music is blues, the way someone can sing away their troubles, sing about their heartache, play a tone and colour that you can feel. The music not only flows through you, but controls you. It moves you physically and mentally. I have always found it rather peculiar how such a sad, slow and emotional style/genre could bring about such pure bliss and happiness. How peculiar the mind works when music is involved.

By Brittany Jones