taiko fitness drumming

There is something so very human about drumming… A tribal urge that transcends a belonging…not only belonging to a larger community, but a belonging to oneself.

Rhythmical patterns that speak to something deep inside of us all, a spiritual force that awakens the individual in turn projecting such energies to a collective energy.

Drumming as a way of healing

There is a lot to be said about music therapy, personally I would consider drumming a complete natural high, a true form of primal expression, universal vibrations that transform into a positive mind state and outlook.

Here are some of the topics from other blogs I have looked into.

  • Drumming Produces Deeper Self-Awareness by Inducing Synchronous Brain Activity
  • Drumming Reduces Tension, Anxiety, and Stress
  • Drumming Induces Natural Altered States of Consciousness

Check out the links below to delve deeper into the facts, there are some amazing information and well worth a read.



Drumming as a means of exercise.

What better way to marry movement, self expression, fun and percussive rhythm into exercise, get your heart rate up, the blood flowing through your veins and your body into full swing whilst engaging in a social activity.

It is no myth how exercise benefits your overall health, drumming is not only giving your body a nice workout but it also is giving your brain and smiling muscles a good old tune up as well.



Drumming as a communitydrumming community

Drumming is a great way to socialize and connect with like minded people who share a common interest, build up self confidence, meet new people and expand as a community member, relaxing and really living in the moment.

The Rhythm Hut is a great example of drumming as a community, click on the link below for classes and times.





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