Ever wanted to learn guitar, but didn’t quite know where to begin? Well now it’s time to put down that air guitar and start the real thing! Here are a few reasons why NOW is the time, and it’s never too late to start learning the guitar…

ziggy guitar lessons

1.Getting started is simple: Grab an entry level nylon string guitar from about $100 and a steel string from $299 from any local music store. Or borrow one from a  friend!

2.Relieves stress: It doesn’t take very long to learn a few chords and put together a song. Playing guitar is an easy way to relieve stress and these simple chords can help take your mind off any troubles you might have.

3.Connecting with others: Being one of the most popular instruments, it isn’t too difficult finding others to jam with. Whether it’s a close friend, local guitar workshop, or an impromptu street session, learning a couple chord progressions will allow you to play the guitar with anyone regardless of their skill level.

4.Get your emotions out: Feeling down? Play some blues. Feeling angry? Rip a blazing solo. Feeling loved? Play some cheesy riffs. The guitar is one of the best tools to release your emotions. Especially for introverts who have a difficult time expressing themselves.

5.Physical benefits: We all know playing guitar is an arm and a hand workout, but if you get your feet stomping along as well, you might be able to forego the treadmill.

6.Sense of accomplishment: While the guitar can have some of the simplest melodies to learn, it also features extremely complex arrangements. Challenging yourself to learn a difficult piece and then completing it is like very few other feelings in the world.

7.Develops discipline and patience: No one can pick up a guitar and sound like Eric Clapton right away. Taking hours of time and practice before even making yourself listenable is a task in and of itself. By learning the guitar, the discipline and patience required are skills that you will find carry over into other parts of your life.

8.Cognitive development: Outside of influencing an individual’s creative capacity, learning the guitar can greatly improve your memory and alertness.

About the teacher: Ziggy has been playing guitar and performing live for about 20 years. His teaching career started in Australia in 2009 and ever since his students have been improving fast with simple methods of teaching developed by him using the creative side rather than logic. People can expect a fun time with lots of tips and jamming along. Pls bring your own guitar, or contact Lou on 0420 682 258. Hire may be available.

Classes Mondays 6.30 – 7.30pm, starting Nov. 3rd at The Rhythm Hut

$25 per person Bookings essential!

Call Lou 0420 682 258