The Rhythm Hut is being evicted, and we need your help to move to a new community centre in Gosford’s CBD.

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 Total Funding Goal: $25,000

Within the next three weeks, we need to raise enough funds that we can start moving classes over to the new building in August. Currently the new premise is a dilapidated array of structures.  There’s a huge hole in the floor of the main hall, a big drainage problem, the roof needs to be fixed, walls need to be painted, beams need to be reinforced…and most importantly SOUNDPROOFING of the hall is crucial. While the landlord will pay to have the space usable within reason, he has made it clear it will be up to us to make the majority of the improvements to the buildings, not to mention beautify them, and make it our new home. On the positive side, the landlord is open to us using the space as the multifunctional community centre we intend.  The money will go towards paying for the raw materials we need so that the new hut can be fixed up, like the soundproofing insulation, the timber for reinforcing beams, a floor polish machine, paint, etc….  If we reach the full 25,000, we’re hoping to be able to start in on immediately making the community garden and cafe we want so badly to develop as well.


Without help, we don’t have enough money fix everything…we have labour and a great volunteer base and skills, but not the money to purchase necessary materials. Without any government assistance we already do as much if not more than many funded projects, centres and groups in our community, but this move is too big for us to do it alone.


The Rhythm Hut moved into Gosford five years ago.  In that time, we’ve grown from being a warehouse drumming school to being one of the most exciting community centres on the coast, hosting live music concerts, community drumming classes, fundraisers for passionate locals, charity events for the homeless, art exhibits and lots more.  Thousands of people have come through our doors and have been influenced to live a more peaceful, open, giving and productive life – friendships have been found, life directions have changed forever, and Gosford now has a community of loving people who support one another and the greater area in many ways. Gosford is a town that struggles with a large population of homeless, alcoholic, and drug addicted residents, and the Rhythm Hut has been a really positive impact on the town.


All of that is in jeopardy.  Our leasing real estate have asked us to vacate – as we understand it, they are worried about liability, because it turns out the Hut is not zoned for the gatherings of community that have become so central to our existence. Despite our offer to apply for rezoning and fulfill legal requirements, they want us out. They know nothing about us, and have zero interest in what we do beyond paying rent and satisfying their red tape.  The property owner is from Sydney and he has little do to with his investments. From the indirect contact we have had we ascertain he knows nothing of what The Rhythm Hut is and its social and economic value to Gosford, and the real estate would rather have us out and support another vacant warehouse in this struggling town, than work out how we can make this relationship work.

From our attempts to negotiate the situation it appears staying on the same site at this point is a lost cause. Currently we are situated backing onto a nature reserve in an industrial area. As a space with loud classes and concerts, it is the perfect setting, with no possibility of inciting noise complaints. In this venue musicians can rehearse, thunderous Japanese drumming classes can thrive, African drum circles make people dance, concerts can run till the audience and musicians are satisfied. There are no noise restraints.

We are in Gosford because we believe Gosford can be changed.  We see the energy we pour into the Rhythm Hut spill into the greater community encouraging people to be kinder, more considerate and aware individuals.

Many people only come to Gosford because of the Rhythm Hut, and would no longer come if the Rhythm Hut moved away. People have also decided to stay in Gosford because of The Rhythm Hut. The Rhythm Hut attracts a positive force to this area.  We have created a space which empowers young musicians and artists to follow dreams, a place where you are accepted and valued, a place where anything is possible, where people come from all over the world to share stories, culture and friendship. We have a volunteer program set up for people to come from any country and participate within our community.  The Rhythm Hut also expands the minds and horizons of local people who have not had the opportunity to leave Gosford, let alone Australia. It also provides a healthy nightlife alternative to the drug-and-alcohol-driven nightclub culture existing in Gosford.

Drumming has helped people de-stress, find music, find friends, given opportunities for people to perform, to grow their self-confidence and esteem. Our drumming workshops have also provided a fun, playful outlet for special needs groups and people with disabilities.  Live music has provided a space for people of all ages and stages to come together and enjoy life.  Fundraisers have raised precious funds and awareness for a variety of issues including homelessness, youth suicide and preservation of local bush land, notably our local Bambara bush land, which holds the highest concentration of Aboriginal rock art in Australia.

After much searching we have found a new location, in a spot that is potentially even better. It’s closer to the train station, there is a lot of nearby parking, it is closer to the CBD with great exposure, there’s enough space to have two classes run concurrently, a community garden, a small café, a drum making shed, and potentially a whole range of other spaces, such as an art gallery and studio space, growing The Rhythm Hut even further into a complete creative hub within Gosford.  It’s on a street that hasn’t gotten much use recently, and also has a big grafitti problem and vandalism and squatters, but we’re sure that our presence will transform this corner of Gosford much like we transformed Erina St.

We’ve recently applied for non-profit status, which will hopefully open us up to being eligible for future community grants.  With the help of our supporters, donors, community grants and our hard work we want to become a solid cornerstone of positive activity in the community.


We’re asking for help from you, our wonderful, amazing supportive community. With your help we will be able to dive into making this the best hut that the Central Coast has seen, and we will create a community centre that will contribute socially and economically to Gosford, providing positive alternatives for children, youth, mothers, adults, the disadvantaged, elderly and visitors to the coast. A new Rhythm Hut will help make Gosford and the Central Coast a better tourist destination for Australians and international visitors.


We’re asking for $15,000.  We’re hoping for more like $25-30,000 (Though we realize that a lot of the people who come through the Hut are financially disadvantaged, and can’t afford to donate much).   With this mode of crowd funding if we don’t raise the $15,000, we get nothing, please donate so we can continue making the Central Coast a better place!

– See more at: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/the_rhythm_hut/Campaigns/Show/save_the_rhythm_hut#sthash.x7CcwHOC.dpuf