So for people who haven’t been paying attention (or if you just aren’t friends with us on Facebook or stopped into the hut for a while), The Rhythm Hut is moving to 135 Faunce St.  In fact, as I write this, there are volunteers painting over the front of the old hut, moving all the furniture down to the new building, ripping up the carpet, and generally helping us get Unit 7 back to the bland, empty warehouse it once was.

Out with the old!

Out with the old!

The exciting business is that we’re moving closer to the heart of Gosford’s CBD.  We’re moving to 135 Faunce Street, which is a building that hasn’t been used in an extremely long time.  The good news is that there’s more space, and we’re going to hopefully open up a tea house/cafe, start a small Community Garden, and be able to run two classes at once.  The bad news is that the new space is completely dilapidated.  There are massive sections of the roof missing.  The copper piping in the walls has been ripped out, so there’s plumbing problems, and there’s asbestos that must be dealt with.  It’s also medical green (eeeeeew!), as it used to be a dentists office.

Over the past 3 weeks, we have been fundraising to raise money to help us fix up the new hut.  We signed up with a website called Start Some Good to make a crowd funding campaign, and asked the community to help us raise the money to move.  We initially decided to ask for $10,000, but thought if we asked for $25k, we might get $15,000.  However, we are elated to announce that today, when the campaign closed, WE RAISED $25,805 ON OUR START SOME GOOD CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN and a bit more in direct donations to our bank and from people dropping into the space and handing us cash.  The amount that the community has rallied around us has been breathtaking, humbling, and inspiring.  We had 222 donors in the campaign, and that doesn’t take into account people who donated their time, donated items to auction off, and donated food, vans, and whatever they could to help us move, or the people who donated cash or direct deposit.   Our vision is to completely transform Faunce Street, and in doing so, transform Gosford.  We want to someday be a case study for other communities on how to bring a fantastic group of people together united with a common love (in our case, music), and in uniting people, change an area spectacularly.  Expect large scale art murals.  Expect fantastic live music, with family friendly dancing.  Expect wonderful classes with passionate teachers.  Hope for gardening classes, and Food Stuffs that you can enjoy during the day (a tea house?  Bagels?  Red Velvet Cake?  Cheesecake?).  Expect, as always, an atmosphere where you feel welcomed and loved, no matter what your background.  Faunce Street will be completely transformed, and it’s all due to the amazing support of our community.  It’s all due to the amazing support of YOU!


Thank you so much for re-inspiring us, and for supporting our vision.  We love you.