(I must premise this to say that this is my opinion…you make up your own mind…you don’t have to take my word for it!!)

Last night I went to another lovely event at The Rhythm Hut.  It was a Five Lands Band event, they happen once a month, I had a great time listening to wonderful music with a small group of people of all ages and all types (although I hate to use the word ‘type’).  It was $10 entry and beautiful, fresh, home- made food was there to purchase if you pleased.  Magical things happened like Rendra’s parents turning up with a feast (for free) and friends to celebrate the BIG birthday (hmmmm how old??) but that is not what I want to tell you about at this time, as fabulous as that tale would be.

 What I want to tell you is this…

Get to this place and check it out.  Leave all of your preconceived ideas behind.  Leave all of those rumours you may have heard that may leave a little doubt in your mind about how wonderful this place is. Leave all of those preconceived ideas behind period and be brave and try something NEW!! If you’ve been away for a while -come back- you may just love it and you’d be welcomed like the long lost friends that you are!!

Leave your little tribe for a while and see if you don’t find someone else to connect with (or bring them with you- even better).

To you drumming students – GET TO AN EVENT!!  There is more to the hut than drumming!!

To the bands that play there for events BRING YOUR FANS WITH YOU!! The Hut works really hard to cater for you but they need you in partnership to get the numbers there.

The Rhythm Hut is a grassroots business run on the smell of an oily rag (my opinion).  It runs mainly due to a merry band of volunteers, many of them travellers from overseas, but it does also have its homegrown helpers.  It offers many and varied events, classes, parties etc.  It caters for all ages and I mean ALL AGES

from babies up to ….well you just have to still be alive hehehe (I know I go there hehehe).

But why I really love it, is that it offers a place where alcohol is not the main focus.  It truly is family friendly.  Last night as a young Surf Rock Band played, children were spun around to the music, beach balls were bounced and battered as people (some of who hadn’t met these kids before) engaged with the kids on the dance floor – Magic!!

It is a place where music and community is the main focus.

It is a place of non-competition.  Where “the game” is not on whilst you chat with friends.

It is a place that doesn’t rely on selling alcohol or gambling to make a dollar.  It seems that it is hard to make a dollar in this way but it is so dear to my heart that we start doing this.  I find it ludicrous that clubs state that they have help for gamblers when that is how they make most of their revenue (my opinion again).

It is a place where, EP’s, ALBUMS and even BOOKS are launched!!

It is place for community!!  That is people of all ages coming together.  Sure the youngens congregate but they are in the presence of older, wiser ones (joke, kind of).  Little kids are surrounded by clear headed adults that can get on the dance floor without having to have a skin-full first.

I’m not espousing abstinence.  I enjoy a drink as much as the next person but do we really want our kids growing up believing that the only way we can relate to each other is when we are drunk….NO!!

Oh and just so you know, you are quite free to have a drink there, it’s just that we don’t often have falling down or punchy drunks!!

Now this is starting to sound a bit preachy and judgmental and I really don’t mean it to be.  So I just want to finish with what is a REALLY IMPORTANT point and that is:-