Sunday night I had the privilege of bringing my mother to the 5 lands experience. Her name is Elaine, but we call her Ezy for short. Of course she hates that nickname, and doesn’t want to be called that, but hey… who has a nickname they really like? So please, feel free to call her Ezy.

Anyhooo…. Ezy’s up visiting me for a couple days and I had been telling her all about my new workplace. I had been telling her all about the funkiest, hippest place in Australia where I widdle away my days with stars of the central coast music industry and listen to the most awesome soul beating rhythms on a daily basis. Where everyone loves and is loved and in essence is love and where we drink from a well of eternal youth.. ok I don’t really know what I’m going on about anymore, but you get the gist and im sure i have made my point of how riduculously cool life is at the Hut.

So, yeah… As you can see I’m not one to weave the story half arsed. I’m slightly prone to exaggeration..which left me a little worried when mum turns up and I actually have to present the masterpiece that is The Hut to her. Thankfully however, her time in postcode 2250 fell on the last Sunday of the month and I breathed a sigh of relief. What better way is there to present The Hut to her than through a 5- lands experience. I had talked it up so bloody much now that I had to produce something. So 5-lands it was. Just a pop in I promised her. So in we popped and the place was alive!! We caught the end of the drum circle…. which quickly led into Newcastle University’s 13 piece Afro-fusion group called Ukadlala…. Still there for the funky beats of the Huts very own 5-lands band… Still there….and all the way through to Change Trio!!. The happy beats of Change trio rockin the Hut late into the night. We listened to all of their super happy/chill originals and a couple of their awesome covers. In the end it was me who had to say, “C’mon ezy, I have to be up at 5am”. And off we toddled.

Success!!…. Mothers approval?… Tick!!…. Ezy gives the Hut 2 thumbs up!! And that’s cause she only has 2 she says.

Moral – don’t stress yourself with talking up the Hut and feeling like you have to prove yourself. Bring the people and let them see for themselves.. If my 74 year old mother thinks its cool…it’s gotta be RAD!! …….. KAPOW!!!!