Wow! Well what a weekend we had here at the Rhythm Hut. The delicious sounds of Dave Stringer on Friday and Chaika on Sunday really brought a great sense of peace and love to The Rhythm Hut.

Dave Stringer, a man who seems to always deliver, brought the the crowd to their feet. We saw the audience erupt into Singing and dancing as they were whisked away into their own hearts. Dave has an extensive following of people who go to as many of his shows as possible while he’s here in Australia, and i can definitely see why. The energy he creates in his show makes you high on love and smile deep into your soul. He makes Kirtan alive and contemporary, whilst still being steeped in the tradition and wisdom of it’s original form. Dave brings you  into the moment.

The 5-Lands Experience was something really special to follow that on Sunday. The 5-Lands Band is always amazing and had the dancers to their feet in no time. People just can’t sit still with these guys. A massive thanks to all the artists who performed this 5-Lands. We are always so appreciative of the time you volunteer to the Hut on this night and hope you feel the love the way you make us feel the music.

We also had an amazing performance from our wonderful new Neo-Taiko class, which is not tradition to the 5-Lands, but this one was special!! The Neo-Taiko beat the house down with the performance piece they’ll be delivering this Saturday at our KABOOM Student Performance night. If you missed them there, then i really recommend you get down this Saturday to see how wonderful they really are, along with the other classes who will also be performing.

And Chaika!! Man, what can i say about Chaika that even nearly describes the experience they bestowed upon the Hut? The audience sat so still and so quiet to Chaika as they were captivated by the gorgeous melodies they delivered. They truly created such a special vibe with their Eastern European, gypsy groove that words cannot describe how great and unique they really were. Seeing this kind of music produced live was an amazing experience, which we were lucky to witness.

I would like to send out a massive Thank you to both the Dave Stringer Band and Chaika for making last weekend such a success. Everyone walked away so warmed by your performances and we hope you will definitely return to create the same warmth again sometime in the near future. Also thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped out on the night. Without all the helpers these things would never come together. I’m amazed at the love that is delivered to the Hut’s doors every single day in so many ways. We love you all!!!