Seriously serious Hut Crew

Seriously serious Hut Crew taking the Rhythm Hut seriously. Somewhat.


Skübz here, aka ‘Steve’, reporting in as the new-new Class Co-ordinator. It’s been a busy 2 weeks or so, but I’m still stoked to be playing such a big role at the Hut. If you’re excited too I won’t blame you, *sigh* I am pretty awesome. In between adapting to new tasks (including using – and soon updating – the website) I’ve been coming up with some new ideas to benefit our students and get some new things crankin’ at the Hut.

First up is our “Team-Playa Bonus”.  Basically we’re proud as punch at the skill levels of all our students, and the growth and tenacity you guys have been showing of late! We want you guys to flaunt your stuff with us at some of our regular and one-off drum circles and performances around the area, and start building on our reputation as THE drumming school on the Central Coast. The idea behind the “Bonus” is a $5 discount off your next term of drumming for every drum circle you come and participate in outside of the Hut, and we get quite a few requests, believe me! 1 circle = $5 off next term classes, 2 = $10, 5 = $25 etc. These events can be workshop-like events where we hold an open drum circle, for example our monthly drum circle at Avoca Markets, or actual performances such as one we’re doing with the Djembe 2 class at the Happy High Herbs birthday celebration this weekend. Either way we want you guys involved and after all, it’s a great opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice! I’m compiling a list of upcoming drumming dates, and spaces are limited for each circle/performance, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to put your name down. You can reach me most days/nights at the Hut, or via email –

Next up, there’s new classes in the works! (Yesssss! I hear you say?) We want to know your interest and get some feedback for these possible new classes, especially the potential Taiko Fitness and holiday classes:

– “Neo-Taiko”…..An entry level Taiko aimed at first timers, and a bit more relaxed than our Taiko 1 classes. The most likely time slot at this stage is 5:30-6:15pm on Wednesdays. The teacher will be the one-of-a-kind Kristian Minjon, known around the Hut as ‘The Man’ because lets face it, he’s a pretty impressive specimen of manliness. He’s also the guy who makes our Taiko!

– “Taiko Fitness”…..In Japan, different Taiko schools have signature physical routines designed to keep players in peak physical condition. Taiko Fitness is a class designed with this idea in mind, and we think it would perfectly compliment the surging popularity in Taiko drumming over the last year. Any skill level is appropriate for this class – if you love your Taiko, our fitness class is the way to go to improve your form, dexterity, strength, and general awesomeness. The days and times are still up for discussion, but the class will most likely be run on weekends, and Rendra will be instructing.

– “Taiko Renshu” and “Djembe Repitión”…..Can’t get enough drumming? These classes will be run during the holidays for those students who want to keep in form and work on their technique over the holiday breaks. The classes are open to all skill levels for both Djembe and Taiko respectively, and we’re looking at running them on Tuesday and/or Wednesday nights during regular class times. Rendra will be teaching, and the price of each class will be a low $15.

Whew! That’s it from me for now. But MAKE SURE to give us some good honest feedback kids! I really want to gauge interest levels before initiating these new classes. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or to tell me how rad I am. Hmmm yes, especially the latter – my ego is a bottomless pit.

Peace out,

Skübalicious – your sexy class co-ordinator.