I can, without a doubt, say that this term’s Kaboom was seriously impressive, and the best we’ve had yet. I am constantly inspired by the level of excellence that each class comes up with every term, and how much improvement I see from term to term. As a school, the Rhythm Hut is constantly being elevated as a community of drummer… I know I complained to a few of you that Ben Walsh publicly denouced Gosford at the TEDxSydney talks as not being a place that is synonymous with drumming… I think we’re going to make him eat his words 😀  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here before, but the best part of my job (for me) is always watching new people come in on the first day of term, unsure and timid, having never touched a drum before or having done only basic percussion, and then transforming in an 8 week course into a confident, strong, amazing performer who shines onstage and off!

Here’s a clip from the Taiko 2 classes performance from the night… Such an impressive showing! The Taiko 2 class did a piece called Tsunami, which included 3 37-beat rhythms (3 bars of 9 and one bar of 10), definitely a challenging piece… but everyone pulled it off really well! What do you think?


Like what you see?  Term 3 starts the week of July 25th… you can sign up online here

Much love to everyone,