Crystal Grid Meditation: New moon, new year

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New Year! New Moon! New Energies! New Intentions!


Join us for the first new crystal grid for the year.
Created with intention & purpose, the grid acts as a “holding place” / energy blueprint to help ground all our new energies.

The energy of the grid becomes a crystal grid 3beautiful reflection for you to raise awareness, connect with your vision, and realise new possibilities.

This will all take place around the grid, as we take a guided light/ sound journey within.
✨ Relax the body ✨
✨ Release the Mind ✨
✨ Open your Heart ✨
To the receiving that will refresh, rejuvenate & reactivate, ready for the New Year 2018!

It’s been a biggie, 2017… so come with your intentions of what you would like to release, and make space for all the New Goodness that awaits you.
Or just come along for a NEW experience!
To help bring in all the New Energies.

The intention behind these grids will serve you in the days, weeks, even months to come.
We want for you to FEEL it in your bodies…so we can
Let the stresses of the past wash away & the love of life become your way!
Crystals are long revered for their healing and transformational qualities, teaching us & guiding us through their highest light frequencies. These ancient “earth energy” medicines together with sacred sound & gentle activations will boost your healing, your practise, rituals & manifestations.

The crystalline grid is a meditative journey of connection, relaxation, expansion & anchoring of light, embodying more of our true nature ❤️

The “ripples” of higher frequencies through crystalline activations, will carry or “call” you forward & continue to unfold in the days & weeks to come.

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Meet your facilitator:
Tammy has studied & practised as a Naturopath, Spiritual Healer, Vibrational Medicine & Shamanic Healing, for over two decades.
Her life’s work has evolved into a creative expression of the Inner Journeys she shares, inspiring others on their own healing journey to realise their full potential.

Conscious creator & founder of WEAVE YOUR MAGICK she intuits her work with crystals in the form of grids, layouts, talismans, jewellery & shamanic based artwork, all of which can be used as tools for medicine, meditation & manifestation.

**** All grids are uniquely created for the specific event, as is every journey, and every experience.

**** If you love working with ENERGY & FLOW, then this is for you. If you’re looking for NEW ideas & inspirations, then this is for you. If you just want to relax & unwind & feel AMAZING this is also for you.

✨✨✨ No EXPERIENCE needed ✨✨✨
NOTE: Crystals will be available for purchase, if you desire.

WHAT: Crystal Grid Meditation: New Moon, New Year
WHEN: Wednesday 17th January 2018, 6.30pm
WHERE: The Rhythm Hut, 135 Faunce St Gosford
INVESTMENT: $20+bf. Book now below


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