Djembe 2

Djembe 2 assumes knowledge of bass, tone and slap techniques as well as a basic understanding of rhythm.

This class moves much faster than Djembe 1 and involves more complex rhythms, calls and syncopation.

Students with no experience of hand drums are advised to enrol in Djembe 1, however for the more musically inclined Djembe 2 may be suitable.

This class offers the opportunity to explore rhythmic phrasing for djembe and soloing.

During a term the Djembe 2 class will often learn a traditional song from places such as Indonesia, Africa and the Pacific. The singing is a fun, easy and uplifting complement to the drumming experience.

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Refund Policy:
The Rhythm Hut cannot issue refunds on classes missed through out the term. Classes cannot be credited towards another drumming term.
• Please keep in mind The Rhythm Hut is a not for profit community space, and payments kept up to date ensure the space can continue running.


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