Crystal Grid Meditation

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Wednesday,  27 September at 7 PM8:15 PM

Crystals are long revered for their healing and transformational qualities, teaching us & guiding us through their highest light frequencies. Cultivating a practise with crystals will enhance your journey, bring more balance, raise your own “light” frequency and add many sprinkles of MAGICK to your experience.

Studies now confirm OUR very own bodies are “shifting” to a crystalline form. Very exciting especially, but not limited to, if you have ever “liked” or be drawn to crystals. This ancient “earth energy” will boost your healing, your practise, rituals & manifestations.

Choose a crystal from the selection and add your personal intention, prayer, desire, or release to the crystal grid and journey into a deeper space of allowing, so that the Universe can provide what is awaiting you.

Grids are activated co-creatively in a powerful and dynamic way, before we gently surrender into a loving space of receiving through a guided meditation. The “MAGICK” of crystal grids continue to ripple out over the days/ weeks to come.

Meet your facilitator: Tammycrystal grid 1 has studied & practised as a Naturopath, Spiritual Healer, Vibrational Medicine & Shamanic Healing.
Her life’s work has evolved into a creative expression of the Inner Journeys she shares, inspiring others on their own healing journey to realise their full potential.

Conscious creator & founder of WEAVE YOUR MAGICK she intuits her work with crystals in the form of grids, layouts, talismans, jewellery & shamanic based artwork. All of which can be used as tools for medicine, meditation & manifestation.

A first time offering at the Hut. Let’s raise the crystalline energy & create a beautiful community grid.

✨✨✨No EXPERIENCE needed✨✨✨
NOTE: Your selected crystal will be available for purchase, if you desire.

Price is $20 +bf per person, not including crystals. Book below or call Max on 0439 217 004

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