Creativity Workshop


What is creativity, and where does it come from? How do we foster it, and cultivate an environment in which it can flourish? What can we do to improve our creative thinking skills on a daily basis? Oh boy are we glad you asked.

Come find out how we approach these questions in an exciting evening at The Rhythm Hut. We’ll let you know right now that you won’t be leaving with the answers, because in the world of creative thinking, there are no answers; to truly live in a creative mindset is to open new doors through each resolution.

We will be exploring the well-known troupe of “yes, and” through improvisational games and group exercises designed to get you thinking on your toes and outside the box. Come prepared for a night full of action and belly laughs.

All funds raised for this workshop will be donated to The Rhythm Hut

WHEN: Wednesday 24th January, 7.00 – 9.00pm
WHERE: The Rhythm Hut – 135 Faunce St, Gosford
INVESTMENT: $20/person or $15/under 18 includes booking fee
BOOKINGS: Now open! Book below or call Kristen on 0439 217 004

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