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The Strides and 5 Lands Experience and Bobby Alu, Oh My!

Hi Hutsters! We’ve got a huge lineup of super cool music happening this November at The Rhythm Hut, and we couldn’t be more excited!! Check it out! The Strides “The… Read on

DRUM INTO THE EARTH ~ The Rhythm Hunters at Jenolan Caves!!!

Rhythm Hunters with special guest performer RILEY LEE … Grand Arch, JENOLAN CAVES – 2 November, 7.30pm All members of RFS & Fire and Rescue NSW will be given FREE… Read on

Save The Rhythm Hut Crowdfunding Campaign on Start Some Good

The Rhythm Hut is being evicted, and we need your help to move to a new community centre in Gosford’s CBD. Visit http://startsomegood.com/Venture/the_rhythm_hut/Campaigns/Show/save_the_rhythm_hut to donate towards our $25,000 goal!! Can’t pledge… Read on

Why Denise Supports The Rhythm Hut and Believes You Should Too

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(I must premise this to say that this is my opinion…you make up your own mind…you don’t have to take my word for it!!) Last night I went to another… Read on

A Delight for the Masses

The Avoca Markets are a wonderful place full of creative people and beautiful things to drive your eyes wild with delight. It’s also the perfect place to delight the ears… Read on

Kevin James

In the true tradition of Kirtan music, Kevin James brought the vibration high in the Hut on Friday 10th February. Playing to an audience who responded to the devotional practice… Read on


The Rhythm Hut is looking for a street team!! What does this mean? Well basically we want to make a deal. We need people who can put out posters and… Read on

New classes, and the “Team-Playa Bonus”!

New classes coming to The Rhythm Hut, and the new “Team-Playa Bonus” for our awesome students!

Giving Back

There has been a lot of talk about giving back at The Rhythm Hut lately. We’ve been having planning meetings with Jake Cassar, Suellen Meilak and the various people involved… Read on

Ganga Giri Giveaway

Alliteration, anyone? Well this giveaway is full of it,  as well as the chance to win FREE tickets! As you all know, Ganga Giri is coming to The Rhythm Hut… Read on

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