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The Medusa Club is an informal social group for people with Parkinson’s Disease, situated on the Central Coast, NSW. The group meets at The Rhythm Hut every second week for ‘Medusa Moves’. Lead by Medusa Club member, and long standing Rhythm Hut community Member, Denise O’Shea. I asked Denise to write an article for our blog about The Medusa Club, to help spread the word to the general community.

The Medusa Club is also running a fundraiser at The Rhythm Hut on Sunday 27th September from 5pm. All details can be found HERE


Serendipity! That’s one of my favourite words. I love how cheerful and playful it sounds but more than that, I love its meaning. Serendipity, sometimes described as happy accidents, is just how Medusa Moves got started.

Now the series of happy accidents is vast and long winded but suffice to say, three worlds collided being The Medusa Club*, The Rhythm Hut** and Parkinson’s NSW. The Medusa Club is a social group for people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and The Rhythm Hut is a non-profit community space offering a myriad of services e.g. drumming school, music venue, events venue and much more. The Medusa Club is able to host Medusa Moves for FREE (groups can apply to use the space and are charged accordingly).

What is Medusa Moves? It’s a movement/dance session for people with PD but as with most things we do in the Medusa Club it is open to others as well. It’s most suited to people over 50 and especially people with PD as it is run by a person living with PD, Sharon Dale and a PD carer, myself, Denise O’Shea.

The beauty of Medusa Moves is that it allows people to come together, learn specific dance moves, enjoy the rhythm, laugh, have fun and not be concerned about being ‘right’ or looking ‘right’. Dancers are encouraged to go at their own pace and steps can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals. Dancing is particularly good for PD as a different part of the brain is used to walking, and so in a way, it’s easier than walking. Moving to rhythm is also very beneficial. Coordinating dance moves is particularly good for the brain as well. So it’s not only fun but it’s good for us too –a bit like the kid eating the veggies hidden in bolognaise sauce.

I love coordinating this group; it gives me an opportunity to help the PD community, support and care for my husband, learn, benefit my health and have fun as well. Thankfully I have the support of Sharon, always there with moral support, to remember the things I forget, to calm my nerves and do so much more. Here’s what Sharon had to say:

“For quite a while now I’ve been very keen to start a class for movement and breathing. I live alone and feel this is a very valuable class to be involved with and can say from experience that particularly days when I feel unwell the exercise of dancing makes me feel much better. The meditation at the end of each session definitely helps ease my fatigue and Denise has commented on this change. So I’m very happy to be involved with Denise (thank heavens for her!) helping others whilst enjoying the benefits myself. “ Sharon Dale

We could not have done this without the support of Parkinson’s NSW. They support us in so many ways, individually and as a group. They are always so encouraging of any venture we’ve taken on. They’ve helped, in the past, with the cost of brochures for Medusa Club; they’ve invited us and heavily subsided outings and weekends away; they provide education, free counselling, funds, insurance and so much more. Also, specifically with Medusa Moves, they funded the weekend workshop I did with Dance for PD which was of great benefit and great fun. We really appreciate all that they do!!

Here are some words from the Medusa Movers:

“I think the movement is great. You don’t have to get it right, just do what you can.” Ruth

    “It’s not about doing it perfectly; it’s about being together and enjoying yourself” Deirdre

    “I get to be creative and have fun at the same time” Andy


*Medusa Club is an informal social group for people with PD. Situated on the Central Coast, NSW. For more information contact Andy O’Shea at or through PDNSW.

**for more information on The Rhythm Hut visit –



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