A Delight for the Masses

The Avoca Markets are a wonderful place full of creative people and beautiful things to drive your eyes wild with delight. It’s also the perfect place to delight the ears as performers entertain the market crowds with their various talents, including the soul resonating sounds of beating drums. On Sunday 26th February the hut took a collection of Rhythm Hut Students down to the markets to show off their capabilities on a drum, both Djembe and Taiko, and boy oh boy did they bring the house down!! People couldn’t help but be enthralled by the sight and sound of it. Children bopped, adults swung and the drummers fired on all cylinders in a magical display of power and strength.

The Rhythm Hut and various members of our classes frequent the Avoca Markets each month for this awe inspiring display . The most amazing aspect of this is that even though they all look like professionals to the untrained eye, many of them are just beginners. Though don’t be fooled, most of them have been drumming for anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 years (some even longer, but we won’t reveal that as it may reveal some peoples age, and we know that that is kind of rude. Eek).  Soon you will also see what our children drumming classes have to offer as we are hoping to get them down to the markets within the next month or two, which means be prepared to make a lot of ooh’s an ah sounds sometime soon.

So next time you’re heading down to Avoca markets, make sure to look out for us. You’ll most likely not have to look too far, for you’ll feel your soul pulsing from a distance with the shake of the drummers beat, just follow the Earth’s quiver. Or even better, if you happen to be in one of our classes and would like to be a part of the demonstration, we would love love love to have you! Either listen out in class for announcements regarding market dates, or contact bess on 0420 682 258.












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