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Welcome to the brand new Rhythm Hut website, just in time for the new year! We’ve redesigned it in the hopes that it’ll be more easy for you to use, and so that we can update with current events that have just happened and are about to go on! Check here for photos from previous shows, reviews of concerts, and sneak peaks of artists coming to the hut. We may also post rhythms, give updates, and have special deals on this blog, so make sure to bookmark it and check back often!

2010 was an amazing year! We had the best performances I’ve seen to date at the last Kaboom of the year… Christiaan had the largest Taiko Class we’ve ever had at the Hut, and they blew it out of the water! Congratulations especially to Rose Callaghan and Luke Fabila, our Young Hunters scholarship students, who are in training to be the next generation of Rhythm Hunters… They performed a log drum piece that was seriously impressive!

December saw the hut bring through top-notch artists, from the gypsy night on December 12th, featuring Doc Jones & Te Lechery Orchestra from Sydney and Rapskallion, from Melbourne, to our end of year christmas party featuring Ngaiire, Triple J’s Next Crop pick, on December 19th! Be sure to check out our youtube page to see videos from both shows!

In January for the 5 Lands Experience, we’ve got Ungus Ungus Ungus back on the 30th. We’ve also got a kirtan on the 21st, and the Lyrics for Literacy fundraiser on the 23rd, to raise money to fund indigenous literacy projects!  More information will follow, I just wanted to whet your appetite now. 2011 is going to be amazing! See you soon! [SinglePic not found]   Photo courtesy of Jean Ricon (c) 2011


PS– the first person to comment on this post gets a free ticket to the January 5 Lands Experience. Go to it!

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